Rodent are a real health issue to our food industries and homes. Rats are best addressed by excluding them from the our homes and trapping. Start with a thorough inspection for any openings 1/2 inch or larger. Thats about the size of a quarter. Once you have limited there access the traps and efforts inside begin to really work. Removal of accessible rodent droppings is the next step. Not only is it more sanitary but it also helps identify current activity versus past concerns to more quickly address activity.  We discourage placing baits in attics and subareas as it can lead to dead carcasses in areas that begin to smell and can be impractical to remove.


If this has already happened for you, try an open box of baking soda in the effected room. It may not remove the smell but it can help. Smells can persist for about tow weeks in warmer months. Baits can be helpful around the exterior of homes in cases but caution should be exercised around pets and loved ones.  We can help with finding the areas of entry, exclusion, abatement, and control. 

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