Subterranean Termites 

There termites build mud tubes from the soil up into wood and other cellulose material like cardboard and documents, eat and return to the soil again to feed the rest of the colony that can be up to 50 feet away. Were you see them may be only one area there are eating at. They can be at your home, a wood pile or the neighbors home all at the same time. If one food sources is removed, they can favor others and continue to search for alternate sources.


There can be controlled with out fumigation. Treatment is best places in the soil were they are likely to commute through, pick up treatments and then they share with others in the colony. Subterranean termites are active all year long but become more active as temperatures rise. Inspections our your home are encouraged about every three years. With out inspections most home owners discover the have termites in spring.


Rain Rain Rain followed by a nice warm day will help trigger the termites to swarm out in search for a mate to start a new colony. In a home they will fly to the light or a window in search of the outside. At Green Light termite & Pest we make treatments affordable to help stop future damage. If termites have already damaged you home or place of business, we can help with repairs as well. 

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