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home inspections

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical home/structure and systems of a home/structure for the purpose of providing an objective, independent, professional opinion about the condition of the home/structure.If you are thinking of buying a home, commercial building, or other structure  you should have it inspected before the final purchase by an experienced and professional home inspector.

Modern Home Garage

The purchase of a home, commercial building or other structure is one of the biggest investments you or your company will ever make. You should know what to expect - in terms of repairs and maintenance. That nice shiny fresh coat of paint the sellers just had applied could be hiding something serious, those stains on the ceiling may indicate a chronic roof leak or may be simply the result of a single incident. The inspector reviews these obvious issues and other clues, then presents a professional opinion in the form of a report that let you know the condition of the property to help you avoid unpleasant surprises afterward. Of course, an inspection may also point out the positive aspects of a building, as well as the type of maintenance needed to keep it in proper shape. After the inspection, you will receive a report and have a much clearer understanding of the property, and what purchasing the home will entail. Thus allowing you to be able to make your purchasing decision confidently.

As a seller, if you have owned your property for a period of time, an inspection can help identify potential problems in the sale of your home/structure and can recommend preventative measures, which might avoid future expensive repairs.

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