Pest Control and Pest Eradication Solutions in Greater Sacramento Valley, including Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova

Bring back the security and comfort in your home and protect your property from irreparable damage with Green Light Termite and Pest. Our team specializes in eco-friendly pest control or pest eradication solutions all over the Greater Sacramento Valley. This includes termite removal in Roseville, ant control in Elk Grove, termite fumigation in Folsom, and rat extermination in Rancho Cordova. Whether it involves residential or commercial, a small bug problem or an infestation, our team can properly handle your pest problems – satisfaction guaranteed!

Pest Control


At Green Light Termite and Pest, we listen to your particular needs and pest concerns and let our experience and incomparable expertise work for you. For an affordable and practical rate, we provide comprehensive pest eradication services that are carefully planned and executed utilizing the proper equipment and green, eco-friendly products. 


As a reputable service provider, we offer our clients more convenience and hassle-free services. Our team sends out notices at least the night before so you can prepare your property or reschedule. Too busy for pest removal during a weekday? No problem. We also offer pest eradication services on weekends and evenings at no extra cost.  


Green Light Termite and Pest offers year round pest protection that is the best in the industry. With our services, your home or business will be protected for more than 30 different pests. These include: 


Pest  Eradication - Service Guarantee:


At every service, Green Light Termite and Pest will inspect for seasonal concerns and entry points. We use the most effective, eco-friendly, and responsible treatments to keep you and your loved ones pest-free. Our pest control services are guaranteed. If the pests return between visits, we will address the concern until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction at no additional cost.


Bird Control


Pigeons and other kinds of small birds often look to houses and commercial structures for a safe place to roost and nest. When they do they can damage vents, leave unsightly stains, and ultimately affect your house’s exterior and value. In addition to the effects on your property, health concerns likewise are a real concern as bird droppings are associated with over 40 types of viruses and diseases. With Green Light Termite and Pest, there is a safe and proper remedy. Our team will design a humane bird control plan that works for you and your property at a reasonable rate. With our bird control services, you can give your household the right protection and secure the value of your property without breaking the bank. 


Bed Bugs Removal


Bed bugs are harmful, inconvenient, and troublesome pests. These parasites feed on the blood of people, dogs, cats, and other pets and are known to transmit diseases. They do not distinguish between dirty or clean homes and every home is vulnerable to infestation. They live close to where we sleep and rest for long periods. While they are most commonly found in bedrooms, most apparent by blood stains on sheets, they can also be found in other parts of the house.


Bed bugs move very quickly and once an appropriate site is found, they feed for 2-5 minutes until full, and then move back into a hiding place. Meanwhile, people are not equally sensitive, while two persons share the same area, one may show no signs of bed bug bites while the other shows clear bite marks or even a rash. Adult bed bugs are approximately 1/4” to 3/8” long and a flattened oval shape. After feeding a blood meal, its color will change from brown to purplish-red. Younger bed bugs are about 1/16" and nearly colorless.


Green Light Termite and Pest specializes in effective bed bug removal services. Our team will thoroughly rid your home or property of these harmful little creatures with our eco-friendly pest eradication solution and fumigation process. For a price within your budget, you can restore the cozy and harm-free environment in your home and rest easy with no worries of further infestation through our year round service guarantee. 


Green Light Termite and Pest provides complete pest eradication services and pest removal solutions in Roseville, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, and other cities in the Greater Sacramento Valley. For a FREE Estimate, simply call (916) 320-8625 or email today.