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Our Services

Bring back the security and comfort in your home and protect your property from irreparable damage with Green Light Termite and Pest. Our team specializes in eco-friendly pest control or pest eradication solutions all over the Greater Sacramento Valley. Green light Termite and Pest offers an array of pest control services including general pest control, termite inspections, fumigations, wood repairs, subterranean termite treatments, and many more. 

termite extermination

Termites do more damage than fires, floods and earthquakes put together. These wood-destroying organisms can be in you home or business for years before you ever know. Even though subterranean and drywood termites are active year round, the first clue they have entered, for most homeowners, is the winged or flying termites, also known as swarmer’s. 

home repairs

Green Light Termite & Pest can help with preparing for sale of home, refinance repairs and general maintenance on your home. We get the results you deserve and at a budget that makes sense. 

lawn care

Looking to make you lawn more lush and healthy?

We can help with our fertilizing service. We use the best blends of fertilizers for your lawns needs and work with you to establish good watering and care to ensure the best results.

pest control

At Green Light Termite and Pest, we listen to your particular needs and pest concerns and let our experience and incomparable expertise work for you. For an affordable and practical rate, we provide comprehensive pest eradication services that are carefully planned and executed utilizing the proper equipment and green, eco-friendly products. 

home inspections

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical home/structure and systems of a home/structure for the purpose of providing an objective, independent, professional opinion about the condition of the home/structure.If you are thinking of buying a home, commercial building, or other structure  you should have it inspected before the final purchase by an experienced and professional home inspector.

birds control

At GreenLight Termite and Pest we understand that pigeons and other birds are just looking for a safe place to roost and nest; but when that spot is provided by your home, they can damage vents and leave unsightly stains to your home’s exterior and value.

What Our Clients Say

Wood Panel

Janine M.

Green Light has been our pest service for many years. They do great work, responsive to immediate concerns, and have kind and loving employees. I highly recommend them to give you peace of mind when it comes to bugs. Thank you Green Light for the amazing service.

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