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Pest Control

Private Property

Pest Solutions

Green Light Termite & Pest will listen to your needs and put our experience to work for you.  We will call before every service and we offer weekends and evening services at no extra cost! With you the client as our focus matched with competitive pricing, our year round pest protection is the best in the industry. Your home or business will be protected from more than 32 different pest:

  • Ants

  • Firebrats

  • Rats

  • Beetles

  • Fleas 

  • Roaches                  

  • Black Widow 

  • German roaches        

  • Silverfish                

  • Box Elder

  • Rice Weevil              

  • Hornets 

  • Slugs

  • Brown bandit roaches 

  • Indian Meal Moths

  • Snails

  • Centipedes 

  • Mice

  • Sow bugs

  • Clothes Moths  

  • Millipedes 

  • Spiders

  • Cockroaches

  • Mud Daubers

  • Tick

  • Crickets

  • Oriental roaches

  • Weevils

  • Earwigs

  • Paper Wasp

  • Yellow Jackets

At every service Green Light Termite & Pest will inspect for seasonal concerns and there entry points. We use the most effective treatment to keep you and your loved ones pest free and balance that with responsible treatments. Our services are Guaranteed to be effective. If the pest return between visits, so will we until the issue is resolve to your satisfaction at no cost!

Image by Nik Lanús

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have quickly become an important pest. These parasites feed on the blood of people, dogs, cats, and other pets and our known to transmit disease. They do not distinguish between dirty or clean homes and every home is vulnerable to infestations. They live close to where we sleep and rest for long periods. While they are most commonly found in bedrooms, most apparent by blood stains on sheets, they can also be found in other rooms.


They move very quickly and once an appropriate site is found they feed for 2-5 minutes until full, and then back into a hiding place.All people are not equally sensitive, while two persons share the same area, one may show no signs at all while the other victim’s shows clear bite marks or even a rash.Adult bed bugs are approximately 1/4” to 3/8” long and a flattened oval shape. After feeding a blood meal, its color will change from brown to purplish-red. Younger bed bugs are about 1/16" and nearly colorless.


If you suspect you are having a concern, Give us call for an Exceptionally Great Experience. 

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